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A Product Lifecycle Management software solution to enable interoperability between:






The challenge

There are numerous software applications available on the market to support the processes required for the registration, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. For pharmaceutical companies this means having to purchase several stand-alone applications, which will be costly and complicated.

The solution

PLM4Life is an all-in-one tool to enable interoperability between standardized and well-established software solutions for drug and device registration projects. It is compliant to regulatory legislation and legislation and supports all required project steps from clinical testing to change control.


Reduce time to market

Reduce costs

Improve quality

Optimize processes

Ensure compliance

Reduce waste utilizing workflow

PLM4Life covers the following project phases:

Chemistry manufacturing
and controls

Registration and CE marking

Packaging and labelling

Change control

Pharmacovigilance, vigilance

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Further information:

PLM4Life is still in a developmental stage. Please contact us if you are interested in this project.


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