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Regulatory Cost Optimizer Europe

Calculate the costs of pharmaceutical drug registrations on European markets,
including the manpower costs, based on current local country rates.

One month free trial!

What is the Regulatory Cost Optimizer?

The Regulatory Cost Optimizer is a web-based application calculating the total costs of pharmaceutical drug registrations in European countries. Based on up-to-date information on agency fees and manpower rates of each (European) country, it supports pharmaceutical companies calculating their registration costs, including the required manpower, at all stages of their product lifecycle.

Who should use it:

Pharmaceutical or medical companies who wish to register or renew already registered pharmaceutical drugs in European countries.The Regulatory Cost Optimizer will calculate your total registration costs, including the costs of required manpower – during all stages of your regulatory projects. 


European agency database

An up-to-date database of the fees for drug registrations in each European country.

Manpower costs per country

Based on local rates we calculate your manpower costs in each European country.

Available on all devices

The Regulatory Cost Optimizer is optimized for usage on PCs, notebooks, tablets and cellphones.

How it works:

1. Select regulatory activity

Select a regulatory activity (MAA, renewal, variations,..), type (full-, generic application,..) and procedure (national, MRP, DCP, CP).

2. Select target country/ies

Select the target country/ies (national, RMS, CMS) your regulatory project is aiming for.

3. Enter working hours

Enter an estimate of manpower hours your project will require. The calculation will be based on current local country rates.

4. Get calculation

Receive a calculation of your total project costs. Add another calculation to this result, if required.

Sample screenshots:

How to get the Regulatory Cost Optimizer:

Register as a new user and receive a 1 month free trial, with full access to the functionality of the Regulator Cost Optimizer.
After the free trial period has expired you will have the option to buy a licence.
Licence costs: € 120 for one year / one user

1 month free trial: